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Our History Our story start with Arab Otsuka established in a public free zone in Nasr City, Egypt 1978, Egypt Otsuka Pharmaceuticals was founded in 1992 and its factory is in the 10th of Ramadan city, manufacturing and marketing medicinal products including infusions/injections fluids, Amino Acids, Enteral nutrition, and Ethical drugs. There are 900 employees over 5 companies all over Egypt &...Read More
Otsuka people creating new products for better health worldwideRead More
    Our people are at the heart of our company and together we are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for the recovery and maintenance of better health. Customer satisfaction as we are keenly aware that quality and reliability are fundamentalRead More
Conduct our business ethically, with honesty and integrity Creating innovative products through our own ingenuity Serve customers by providing accurate and valuable scientific information by well-trained personnel Serve employees professionally for welfare gain with integrity and humanity under the healthy and prosperous company Work responsibly with the community and environments.Read More
Egypt Otsuka Pharmaceuticals is a customer focus company, we run our business with discipline, honesty, and integrity. Otsuka people are always derived to be independent and focus on the circle of influence while working in a team synergistically, and always strive to be creative and reach self-actualization. Transparency, perseverance, and coordination with respect are central to our services...Read More
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In conjunction with the rapid globalization of its operations, Otsuka introduced its corporate symbol to promote meaningful communication with people all over the world. Conceived as a symbolic representation of Otsuka group's corporate philosophy, the symbol signifies Otsuka's global dedication to building harmonious relationships with local communities and protecting the natural ecosystems su...Read More
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